About us

Who are we?

A team of Eurocircuits, printed circuit, and software professionals with a soft spot for beautiful images. Our experience in software development, electronics manufacturing, photography, and image editing is combined to create stunning a goldPIXture artwork with your image.

How does GoldPIXture work?

After you upload your image, PIXturizer breaks it into round dots. You can select a resolution (super fine, fine, medium, or coarse grain) and see the result directly on your screen.
- You can change the resolution by selecting a different setting. Our standard setting depends on the size of the panel. You can select a size from the international formats of A2, A3, A4 and A5. - Using a finer grain will yield a closer match to your original picture, and a coarser grain will produce more surprising and interesting effects. Let your imagination be your guide. After you place your job in the shopping cart, you can request a PDF file with a 1:1 image of your PIXturized photo. This PDF can be printed and gives you an impression of what you can expect. If the result doesn't meet your expectations, just ask our operators to make a suggestion. You can select this option immediately after you upload your image, or even after you’ve used the PIXturizer from the shopping cart.
Once you accept the proposal, proceed to the checkout. We will review your picture a final time before sending it into production. We then turn your PIXture image into an artwork film, build it on a copper-clad epoxy panel, plate the metal surface (gold or silver), and three to five days later your goldPIXture panel will be shipped to you.
If you like, you don’t even need to use the PIXturizer tool. Simply upload your file and ask us to suggest how our technology can turn your picture into an artwork.

Portfolio—see some examples

Get an idea of what to expect when you order a goldPIXture. Our portfolio shows examples of panels we’ve already produced. Keep in mind that the experience of what you see differs, depending on the angle from which you view the panel. It’s difficult to reproduce this effect in a photograph, so order your own goldPIXture to experience the full effect of your artwork.


A set of pictures optimized for goldPIXture. These give you an impression of what kinds of images work best with the goldPIXture technology.

The production process

Step 1 - Engineering.
Your image, rendered by PIXturizer, is turned into DPF (not PDF), a digital format used by our laser plotter to plot the artwork. Several images from different orders are pooled together to fill a standard 18-x-24-inch production panel (ca. A2 format).

Step 2 - Material surface treatment.
We start with a copper-clad epoxy material ( FR-4), the industry standard for producing printed circuit boards. The copper surface is cleaned with a micro-etch or aluminium-oxide spray cleaner to prepare it for ink adhesion.

Step 3 - Image printing.
A photo-imageable layer is printed over the entire panel (black ink) – the artwork film is used to expose the image onto the panel, and the panel is developed so that the ink is removed from the pixel dots.

Step 4 - Gold plating.
For panels with a gold-plated finish, we plate a layer of nickel on the pads, followed by a layer of gold. This process is also used in PCB technology.

Step 5 - Protection layer.
When touched or exposed to hazardous substances the gold or silver layer tarnishes quickly or begins to deteriorate. To protect the metal layer we cover the panel with a transparent ink.

Step 6 - Mechanical finish.
The individual pictures are now routed out of the production panel using a CNC router.

Need assistance?

Do you really need to learn how to use another software? Not necessary. We’re happy to help you create a stunning goldPIXture artwork. It’s exciting to see what sort of unexpected effects the goldPIXture images we produce have. Take advantage of our experience and let us help you create the most beautiful goldPIXture artwork. Assistance is available in our online chat, via our offline message tool, or simply by sending us an e-mail with your image. We will then place one or more suggestions in your shopping cart, based on your image and the panel size you’ve chosen. Simply upload your image, and let us surprise you!

We can start with any digital picture you’ve taken or even with a scan made from and old photograph. Still, not all pictures are suitable for this technology. The easiest way to find out what we can realise is to upload your picture and ask us to make a suggestion. In the PIXturizer tool you can then get a preview of how your photo will look in PIXture format, before placing your order for an original piece of art.